Who we are

We create a space where you can push your limits.

We are not that kind of gym where people take regularly selfies in the mirror in order to flaunt themselves in front of their friends on a social network. You come here to work out. We share joy from the results rather straight away with the others at the gym.

We know each other with ones who come here regularly. We are a team. There is always someone who will give you a piece of advice or help you with safeguarding.

We consider your personal goals as our own goals when it comes to a personal training. We work on them together with you. A trainer is your buddy at the same time. He adapts the training to your abilities, but he does not let you to ease up. He motivates you from the beginning to the and keep an eye on the results of the training.

We are equipped for all muscles

We have opened the first gym more than 20 years ago. It was in 1995 in Prague 9 – Kyje.

We moved to Vinohrady to Korunní, where is our gym situated today, after 5 years. Our gym is situated in the cellar, so the whole space has its own underground atmosphere. We reconstructed the gym in 2007 for the first time and got a whole range of professional exercising machines of the LAX brand. The second reconstruction took place in 2015 and then we got new equipment as well. You can find us nowadays in the space of 270 m² machines for all kinds of exercise. Do not expect endless cardio zone. We are a typical “dumbbell gym” where everyone will find what they are looking for.

  • Machines for all kinds of exercise

  • Affordable prices

  • Personal trainings where you will sweat

  • In-depts guidance

  • Relaxed atmosphere


You will reach your goals quicker with a personal training plan.

More info

We will guide you in the field where we are the best:


Nice people come to our gym, they will always help you and give you advice.


Our prices are cheaper than other centers in Prague offer.


They almost grew up at the gym and they have a special paper for coaching.


We will create you a training and nutrition plan.

Exercising is fun for us and we do it for a living. We try to pass on the best what we have learned. This includes our passion for fitness.

We believe that everyone can get better constantly and push their limits. This cannot work without hard work and endurance, but exercising has to be fun.

We will work hard together with you on your set goals and we will provide you the best facilities and equipment.



We are a fully equipped gym. We do personal trainings, nutrition plans and body diagnostics.


Korunní 2456/98, Prague 10

tel.: 601 155 733

       222 025 258

You will find us in the Basement of the building of Municipal police.

Monday - Friday
08:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 16:00
10:00 - 17:00
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