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Body Diagnosis




Get to know your body better. The results will come faster

Before you go to the gym, we will tell you what to exercise the most. We have an InBody 520 machine for body diagnostics. It measures the amount of fat and muscles do you have and where they are placed within your body. It will tell you results of you capability or if you have enough minerals in your body. It just reads you from head to toe. And when you come back to the analysis again, you will have a comparison with the previous measurement. You’ll see if you reduced fat and gained muscles where you need it. So you can evaluate the effectiveness of your training and eating plan. 

How does this measurement work?

Diagnostics is based on bioimpedantional analysis. This means that the device measures the electrical resistance of individual parts of your body. Water, blood and muscles are for instance good conductors, unlike fat and bones. That’s why the device can map your body’s composition. In reality, you will stand on the device that will start to push a weak electric current from a few electrodes into your body. You certainly do not have to worry. The amount of electric current needed for the analysis is completely harmless and so small that will not do not feel it. The whole measurement takes only a few minutes. The device will do its job and you will get useful information (1, 2). 

What the diagnosis will tell you

  • The composition of your body: how much body water, muscle mass, body fat and non-fatty matter you have.

  • The ratio between muscle and fat in relation to your total weight. 

  • How are muscles in your body distributed (muscle shape chart) and the percentage of muscle in each part of your body. 

  • How much minerals and proteins you have in the your body?

  • What is your BMI and waist-to-hip ratio (WHR).

  • How much you weigh, the obesity degree.

  • What is your physical strength and balance.

  • A number of bone minerals.

  • History of Body Composition.

You can also book an advanced diagnostics. Our body analysis specialist will explain all the results in detail and advise on how to work with them.

Diagnostika složení těla – základní
*Stálí klienti Mega-fitness mají nárok na slevu z ceny měření.
Diagnostika složení těla – rozšířená
*Stálí klienti Mega-fitness mají nárok na slevu z ceny měření.

Find out how you got it

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