+420 601 155 733
+420 601 155 733

Leave your kilograms

Take a firm body

We will help you to lose weight and firm your body. We will do it the right way, you will lose weight gradually and it would not be exhausting for you. That means no diets and training based on the charts. We will create a plan that will be in accordance with your demands, health and time availability instead of that. Everything will be as you like it, times you need, and according to your good health. We will train with you and motivate you and watch your progress, so every training will bring you closer to your goal.

What has an influence on your success when training?


Proper nutrition


Your determination

How we can help?

We will discover the amount of fat you carry around with you and where we should reduce it the most. We will be able to get you tailored nutrition and training plan according to this exactly for your needs.

We will create you a nutrition plan exactly according to what your body needs. We will plan the trainings that will support your effort.

You will work out with our fitness experts during your personal training. They will keep an eye on you if you are doing the exercises correctly, they will support and motivate you.

You will find proper suplements for instance for reducing diet at our e-shop and more. We will recommend you the most suitable supplements within the nutrition consulting.

Equipped facilities

There are all kinds of machines at our gym. You can find here machines for cardio, upper body and legs. You can refresh yourself after the training at our bar. We have ionic drinks, protein drinks and energy bars as well.

Experienced trainers

Kuba and Michal know exactly how an effective training should look like. They will give you hard time and adjust the training right for your needs at the same time.

Convenient entry

We have lower prices than most of fitness centers in Prague. You can buy one-pass entry or a permit card and become a member of our gym.

We offer lower prices than most of the fitness centers in Prague. You can buy one-time entry or a permanent pass and become a member of our gym.

We believe that losing weight is not just about strict diets and renunciation. It is about balance between the right amount of the suitable food and exercise. We will help you to find such balance.

We will tell you what to eat in order to not gain weight, but still have enough energy. We will plan such exercise that will help you lose weight as well as being fun. Mainly, we will guide you towards your goals.

More about us

You can use any of our services separately. It depends on what you are interested in. You can also buy one of our packages where we combined our services by which have we created a complete counseling.



We are a fully equipped gym. We do personal trainings, nutrition plans and body diagnostics.


Korunní 2456/98, Prague 10

tel.: 601 155 733

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You will find us in the Basement of the building of Municipal police.

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