Personal training

Are you committed to making a serious change to your physical and mental health?
Do you a Im to craft your ideal form?
We recommend working-out under the supervision of our experienced personal trainers because they are educated and trained to teach others how to exercise correctly, prevent injuries and motivate. Personal trainers at MegaFitness-Praha will not only make sure you get the right exercise, they will help you recognize your strengths and weakness and problem areas so you will be able to use your strength to the maximum.

What is a Personal Training?

Working with a personal trainer means you are exercising under the supervision of a professional that has a full assessment of your physical strengths and weakness, body structure, diet, weight, health condition and your individual goals.  It is a fact that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle play an essential role in the overall picture, however getting the right exercise is key to achieving your goals.
Knowing that everyone is unique and will have different preferences,  personal trainers at MegaFitness-Praha will make sure that each workout session is exactly tailored to meet your individual needs.
Our personal trainers are well educated about the anatomy of human body and they know how to protect you from causing injuries to your body while working out.

What you can expect?

  • Continuous progress
    Long lasting results
    Individual approach (s) to meeting your particular need (s)
    Creative ways of exercising your body as per your priorities and goal (s)
    Tremendously reducing the risk of injury
    Proper execution of your workout regimen
    Working on specific problem areas


  • women, men, children
  • all ages

What we provide:

  • proper execution of exercise
  • right choice of exercises, series, repeats, weights and pauses
  • prevention of injury
  • advise
  • motivation and regular exercise
  • we will explain how to hook up problematic areas in daily life


If you wish to cancel a pre-planned session with one of our personal trainers free of charge, please send us a 24-hours prior notification.


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