Nutritional Counseling:
The aim of nutritional counseling is a creating a professional plan tailored to your specific needs be it weight reduction, changing eating habits or preparing for a professional competition.
We Offer:
•    Professional counseling on how to change your eating habits under the supervision of a nutritional specialist
•    No  pills or unrealistic diet plans needed, only  healthy nutrients on a regular basis give you energy and  vitality
•   Consultants  to work with all age groups;  from infants to seniors
•   Professional advice on how to lose weight through a healthy diet  and lifestyle
•   Nutrition counseling for dealing with child obesity
•    Nutrition counseling and workout plans for you  yo-yo dieters
•    Customized diet and workout plan to help craft your ideal form
•    Drafting customized diet and work out regime to eliminate feeling tired and a lack of energy through  healthy lifestyle and diet
•    Counseling on shopping and eating healthy food items
We are here to help!
Healthy Lifestyle:
Statistics show that a well-balanced diet has a significant %50 effect on our overall health. It could be argued that our health is primarily dependant on the kind of lifestyle that we chose. Crafting a well-balanced diet is the first step towards creating a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to look at the food we consume daily.
We believe that eating well, working out and paying attention to making healthy choices in life not only leads to having physical, but also a peaceful mind.
After all, as the great Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wild says „to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance,“ taking care of our body is a significant part of self-love and acceptance.
Personal Workout Trainer:
Trainers are trained in teaching other people how to exercise correctly, therefore having a personal trainer is always recommended. Personal trainers are able to pinpoint your strengths and weakness and create a workout plan that meets your individual needs. It is a fact that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle play an essential role in the overall picture, however getting the right exercise is key to achieving your goals.
The Initial Interview:
•    Body analysis using „InBody 520“ that measures bioelectrical impedance (the exact measurements of the body fat, visceral fat, body mass index  and bone muscles)
•    Discuss and analyze eating habits, workout regime, and the overall lifestyle
•    Creating a diet/nutrition  plan that meets the needs of the client
Clients are required to pay %50  of the price in advance
Do you have a burning heart, acidity, hair loss, joints and muscles pain, cellulite, acne, and or sleepless nights? Well, you have got to get the right exercise and eat the right foods and we bit you will notice the change!
 Let’s make the change happen today!