Diagnostics of body composition by bioimpedance analysis

Measuring the body at the start of strength building or weight loss journey allows you to keep track of the body losing inches and making judgments.
The process can be measured by tracking your lean body mass (LBM).
Are you interested in knowing the amount of lean muscle mass and fat your body has accumulated over time?
Do you want to know how much you skeleton and limbs weigh?
Are you looking to shred or gain lean muscle mass? Do you want to make sure you are doing everything right? Grow your muscles and lose excess fat?
We have got you covered! 
MegaFtiness- Praha offers anthropometric examinations that will help you craft a realistic plan to achieve your goal (s).

The information about the price is in our pricelist.

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Body Analysis Accesses:
  • Water
    Body Fat
    Body Mass Index (BMI)
    Waist to hip ratio (WHR)
    Nutritional Diagnosis (proteins, minerals, fat, edema)
    Body Balance
    Body Strength
    Level of Obesity, BCM, BMC, BMR, AC, AMC
    History of Body Composition

    Impedance Assessment of Individual Body Parts

    We also offer InBody 520 Body Composition Analysis that will take you one step closer to achieving your goals faster and easier.