Shortly about us

We opened in December 1995 in Prague 9 and relocated to Korunní 98, Prague 2, in the year 2000. Throughout the years, our gym has been extensively renovated and equipped with modern fitness machines and tools.

With more than 20 years of experience in the business of fitness and bodybuilding, MegaFitness-Praha remains a classic Czech, “dumbbell“ gym. Fitted in a 270 square meter area, it offers all supplements for working out all muscles groups. 

Our gym is located in the underground of the Prague City Police building and Radio City, however, we work independently. Upon entering the main building, you will be easily able to see the entrance to our gym on your right. We are equipped with modern tools designed for exercising all muscle groups, strength building, and fat-burning workout programs.

We have separate changing rooms for men and women and offer snacks, protein bars, and drinks at a reasonable price.

Do you need a personal trainer and professional advice? 

Our Czech and English speaking, seasoned personal trainers are able to work with you on building strength perfecting your form.

If the building is locked during our opening hours, do not hesitate to ring the bell!

Detailed description of the gym

Megaftiness- Praha has more then 20-years of expericneces in the bussiness of fitness and bodybuilding. We have qualified – Czech and English languages pseaking traininers. We have seprate bosters staions for upper body training and a whole room equpied for workign out the lower body. We have free weights, squat cage and aerobic tools stationed in different places so there is space for all to work out effectintly.  You will also have a variety of rehabilitation equipments such as gymballs, aquahit, dynairs and bosu ballance trainers.

Thank you for following our gym rules, read here…